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Jul 24, 2011 8:00am PDT
boehner is still considering and still probing with the white house the possibility of a big deal that would be nearly $4 trillion in deficit reduction and include $800 billion in added tax revenues over the next ten years. if he goes this route, i am told he will face a revolt from his republicans in the house, including his fellow leaders, eric cantor, kevin mccarthy. it's a very risky move for him but i'm told he's still considering it. >> treasury secretary tim geithner joins me now. he would have to manage the chaos if the united states defaults for the first time in history. secretary geithner, thank you for being here. well, you just heard what jonathan said about what's on the table. is it possible that there will be a framework deal in place by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> i hope so. again, both leaders recognize they're running out of time. they need to get this process moving in the house by monday night to achieve that deadline. they need to have a framework that they know with complete confidence will pass both houses of congress and is acceptable to the president and
Jul 2, 2011 12:00am PDT
, they are registered at big butt and beyond. it's all right there. [ laughter ] this is pretty good. this is -- from australia's version of the "today" show. that interviewed the dalai lama, who was in melbourne over the weekend. and i guess the anchor wanted to lighten the mood with a joke. but he forgot that a key element to any successful joke is making sure the person you're telling it to has some understanding of what the hell you're talking about. >> the dalai lama walks into a pizza shop -- >> pizza shop. >> yeah. and says, can you make me one with everything? >> yes. >> do you know what i mean? can you make me one with everything? >> oh. >> i knew that wouldn't work. >> jimmy: do the one about the two rabbis in the bar. lamas are known for their endurance in t mountains, not necessarily their senses of humor. and one more thing. some big news from dc comics. dc comics is relaunching the superman comic in september and when they do, the man of steel will have an all-new look. this is the new superman costume on the right. he still has the blue suit and the red cape but his belt is changing fr
Jul 1, 2011 2:05am PDT
have a big wedding coming up. it's happening in monaco. this is prince albert who is 53 years old. he's going to marry this super beautiful woman -- >> thought to be sort of the eternal bachelor. >> with a couple of children who sort of pop in here and there. >> oh, right. >> she's 33, he's 53, they're going to get married in monaco. everybody's going. and it turns out, it's rumumed charlie woodstock, a former olympic swimmer, went to the airport to fly back to her native south africa. she's trying to bail on the wedding. and everybody's saying this is true. however, of course, the speakers of prince albert are saying it's not true. >> they took her i.d., her passport? >> her passport so there's time for a little intervention. this is all speculative. there's no proof of this. prince albert's spokesperson is denying it. >> if it's true it's the royal version of a prenup agreement. >> listen to who's going, giorgio armani, lots of people are going. >> we're on our way there too. >> right after the show we're catching that jet. >> let's move on now to mark halperi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3